Howard Link

Link is also a special inspector sent to Headquarters although he appears to be more of an administrative assistant to Lvellie. He has light colored hair which is cut short in front but extends to a braid in the back. He also has two distinguishing dot markings on his forehead but the significance of these is unknown. He is currently on assignment to keep Allen under constant surveillance which details following him around during his everyday tasks and boarding with him. He loves cake and pie. In chapter 137 he is seen giving a pumpkin pie that he made to Allen. Lavi teases him occasionally calling him twopimple because of the dots on his forehead much to Links chagrin. Despite not being an Exorcist he is stated to be physically competent by Lvellie and is armed with a switchblade on his left wrist hidden under the sleeve. Recently he helped save Allen from a Level 4 Akuma. In manga chapter 168 it is also revealed that Link is a part of the black orders crow as one of them is referred to by that name. It appears that Lvellie ordered Link to continue the investigation of the 14th matter but may instead entail something else. Source: Wikipedia