Hedin Selland

ヘディン・セルランド, Hildrsleif, White and Black Knights
Race: Elf Affiliation: Freya Familia Level: 6 Status: Mage: ? Magic: Caelus Hildr Varian Hildr Weapon: Dizaria Hedin Selland is an executive of the Freya Familia. Before this he was the king of the White Elves on the Hyazning island. Hedin used to reign over the White Elves as a clever and tyrant king. Tired of it one day he met Freya who said she would free him. Some time later a battle was fought between his people and the Black Elves which ended both kingdoms. During the battle he was able to face Hogni and after three days of fighting Freya appeared before them. After discovering that she had caused the destruction of their kingdoms to free them both of them decided to go with her. Hedin is extremely loyal to Freya and is willing to carry out any order. He is jealous of Bell because of the attention he receives from her. Despite being loyal to Freya he is still courteous to Riveria.