Ryuya Miura

三浦 竜矢
Ryuya is Itos eldest brother and the twin brother to Yto. He is also the heir of the Miura family. He seems to have inherit his fathers overly dramatic personality especially when angered much like Ito. After their mothers death he was the one who taught Martial Arts to Ito. Also he seems to be the one that is the most protective of Ito. Being the eldest makes him the one in charge most if not all the time considering that his Dad works at the dojo often or writing his novels. When Ryya went to college he met a foreign exchange student from America Christina. Eventually after a bizarre year of being with her he and Chris fall in love. For a while he and his father had a debate over him being with her but they were able to make amends thanks to Chriss victory. Source: Wikipedia