Masumi Narita

成田 真澄

A strict disciplinarian who also runs a dojo of primarily kenpo martial arts. Makoto's father is a man of tradition, who feels that absolute respect from his family is very important. But when his oldest child, Sakura, eloped to escape the arranged marriage that he had set up to preserve the dojo, he developed a dissatisfaction for rebellion. To make sure that the other children did not repeat this, he took drastic measures to keep them from ever disobeying him, especially Makoto, his only son who would be heir to the dojo. Masumi would put Makoto through extreme training, almost never letting him out of the house. Eventually he was able to settle down, but not for long when Makoto approached him with a proposition. Rather than allowing him the freedom to live his way of life, Masumi offered him the challenge of disguising himself for his final years of high school in order to prove how serious he was. Masumi often sends spies in order to see if Makoto is keeping his word or not, eventually calling them off for a while when he sends another challenge to Makoto. Though he is more rigid with most of his kids, he has a soft side, mostly with his wife and second oldest, Tsubaki, most likely due to the fact that his wife can match him in ferocity and that Tsubaki is the most obedient of his children. He particularly enjoys eating his wife's homemade caramel flan, five times a day. (from wikipedia)