Risa Narita

成田 理紗
Risa is Makotos mother. Shes onehalf English and onehalf Japanese Makoto got his blond hair from his English grandmother. Her maiden name was Amano which is the surname Makoto uses for his alias outside of home. Unlike her husband she wants her children to make their own choices. Though she feels this way she rarely intercedes for her children. When she heard the challenge between Makoto and his father she had fainted from shock at the idea of her son dressing like a girl for the rest of his high school years and it is implied she grew ill as a result. Despite her frailty and mild demeanor she can be quite fierce when she wishes to be able to cow her husband with a single look. This ability is quite handy when she is forced to quite violently force her husband and her eldest daughter to reconcile with one another. Source: Wikipedia