Tsubaki Narita

成田 椿
Tsubaki is Makotos second eldest sister and shes 24 years old. Shes a a biology teacher that comes to work at Makotos and Itos school under her fathers orders to spy on him. Of all her other siblings she does all that her father asks. She was the one who was able to ease his influence on the house when Sakura had left and thus has a bit of a grudge towards her elder sister. Tsubaki is obsessed with Makoto she has pictures of him all over her room walls and so she too wants to bring him back home under the impression that she knows what is best for him as his older sister. During his younger years he was very close to her calling her quotTsubakichanquot and it is clear that she still clings to the memories of him as a little boy. Strangely enough she sends Makoto frilly dresses every so often though she clearly disapproves of his bet with their father. Shes a firm and straightforward person with a frightening ability to lead demonstrated when she trains her class to be ultimate athletes to win the interclass athletic tournament. She has a bit of a shota complex and was disappointed when she found out Ito was a girl. Tsubaki accidentally finds out about Ito and Makotos relationship and orders Makoto to come home as his deal with his father was broken but relents at Makotos pleading. She backs off on the condition that Ito and Makotos class wins an interclass athletic competition which they narrowly lose. However with Akanes help they recreate a scene from Beauty and the Beast for Tsubaki and manage to persuade her that Makotos passion for his acting is very real and that he and Ito love each other dearly. She finally promises not to tell their father and eventually leaves the school. She is the opposite of her older sister Sakura in that she has an obsession with pretty boys. Tsubaki means quotcamellia.quot from wikipedia