Takayo Iizuka

飯塚 隆世
Makotos sickly fianceacutee who was imposed on Makoto by his father but was never acknowledged as more than a friend by Makoto much to her dismay. She has a poor immune system and acts very respectable and demure in front of elders and Makoto showing her true side to Ito on occasion. Takayo is actually something of a devil intent on destroying Ito but still respectable enough to never outwardly reveal Makotos secret which would effectively return him to the Narita house. She transfers into his school to be closer to him and to watch and make sure that he is holding to the rules of his bargain but due to her poor health is absent much of the time. Her family is very rich and she has a few bodyguards and spies at her disposal. Her elder brother has a quotlittle sister complexquot and will do anything for her. Her begging him not to is the only reason he hasnt revealed Makoto. He feels his sister is truly noble and would do anything for her and is often moved to tears by the smallest acts on her part. Emura notes that originally she was a much nastier character with a persecution complex. from wikipedia