Shiryuu Chou'un

趙雲 子龍, Shi-san
Birthday:Aug 4
Blood Type:A
Three Kingdoms counterpart: Zhao Yun Horoscope: Leo Height: 170 cm Three Sizes: B89 W59 H87 School: Seitos Academy 2nd Year Toushi Rank: Special ARank Weapon: Youtou Muramasa Zanryuu Techniques: Youtou Muramasa Zanryuu: Shiden Issen A mysterious new girl from Seito High that is presumed be Seitos secret weapon. Easily a super Arank she wields one of the Hyakuhekitou swords with extreme efficiency. In the Ryuubi assassination attempt she singlehandedly defeated Kakouen Myosai supposedly one of the more powerful Aranks characters in the series literally with her eyes closed while defending Ryuubi from henchmen. She presents herself with her eyes closed most of the time and is the only girl in Seito that does not wear the standard Seito High school girl uniform. She believes that violence is unnecessary and that bloodshed can be avoided to solve conflicts. She has deep respect for Kanu while their strengths rival one another. Choun is arguably the most skilled fighter in both the manga and anime series so far although she herself refers to Kanu as Seitos strongest fighter. Contrary to her looks she is very laid back. Instead of being sent by Koumei to save Ryubi from Kakouens assassination attempt Choun was sent by Kanu to defeat Teni and Ryomous dragon before claiming the Dragon Jade. There is no way to tell her true potential because of her limited fights and her lack of seriousness in them. So far no fighter has given her a real challenge or even put a tear on her uniform. At the end of the series she is seen doing a bad attempt at flower arranging. Though it is not clearly pointed out whether she harbors a dragon or not it is seen in a few flashes in between her fight scenes that her eyes are catlike when open very similar to those who harbor their dragons with control. This anomaly is also seen in the last episode of the OVA when she plunges a warning sign at the eavesdroppers outside the hot springs. However in transitions between scenes for Dragon Destiny she has been drawn revealing a tiger tattoo on her left shoulder blade. Source: Wikipedia