Vector The Crocodile


Vector the Crocodile is a large, strong crocodile. He is the "head honcho", and the brains, of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Divided between being "bossy" and "easy-going," his rough speech and outward appearance mask his clear reasoning and ability to resolve cases. For the right price he'll take on most jobs, unless they involve doing something immoral. Vector has a strong sense of justice and kindness, despite his argumentativeness. He often does unpaid work due to his charitable nature, leaving the agency constantly short on money. Vector hates having to work for the landlord, but he enjoys singing, and his trademark is a set of headphones. He is physically very strong and his powerful jaws are a formidable weapon. Vector was originally supposed to be in the sound test of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, making him one of the oldest Sonic characters, alongside Sonic and Robotnik.