North Italy

イタリア, フェリシアーノ・ヴァルガス, ヴェネチアーノ, イタちゃん, ヘタリア, Feliciano Vargas, Veneziano, Ita-chan, Hetalia
Birthday:Mar 17
Nations name: Repubblica Italiana Italian Republic Capital: Rome Language: Italian National flower: Daisy Human name: Feliciano Vargas Height: 172 cm 58 The beloved and favorite grandson of the once great Roman Empire North Italy better known as just Italy can be described as nonetheless a failure in following in his grandpas footsteps and a complete crybaby. He is often called Veneziano because he represents the northern half of the country. He has short reddishbrown hair with a curly ahoge that sticks out on the left side of his head and brown eyes. In earlier artwork Italys hair was colored a medium shade of brown and his eyes were colored grey. As a child he spent his days with his grandpa until he passed away. Afterwards he was taken to live in Austrias house along with Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire who did not know of his true gender and developed a crush on him. His gender was often mistaken because he was always seen wearing dresses. Even Austria did not know of his gender and did not find out until Italy had a giant growth spurt and his voice changed. His official bloodrelated brother is South Italy more commonly called Romano. It was confirmed that Romano is the older of the two and that they are not twins despite some assumptions by fans. The two werent raised together and since Italy apparently inherited all of their grandfathers traits and good looks according to Romano they are on somewhat bad terms. Italy loves his older brother very much but Romano seems less than enthused to even admit that the two are related. Despite this Romano does actually care for Italy as revealed in some instances where he showed dismay for various reasons most often being the fact that Italy admires and spends time with Germany more than he does with him. It should be noted that Italy calls his brother Romano and Romano calls Italy Veneziano most likely to avoid confusion between the two. He considers France and Spain to also be his older brothers going so far as to refer to them as Spainniichan Big Brother Spain and Franceoniichan Big Brother France. Spain who was in control of Romano at one time wanted nothing more than for Italy to come and live in his house a dream that he still has even to this day. Nowadays France who fought against Italy in WWII still has a pleasant relationship with him and often gives him usually bad and inappropriate advice at times. After WWI Italy who was Germanys prisoner of war eventually went on to become allies with him and formed the Axis Powers when Japan joined them years later. Throughout the series Italy is shown heavily relying on Germany for almost everything from tying his shoes to learning how to properly throw and set off a grenade which he still has not accomplished. Despite Germanys constant efforts Italy usually doesnt listen to him and ends up daydreaming or wandering off. Even though Germany often gets fed up with Italy the two are very close and consider themselves as best friends even to this day. Considered the official main protagonist of the series Italy has interacted with a good portion of the cast and is known to be friendly with most of them. Hes rather absentminded is always spacing out and irresponsible but ever so cheery kind and bighearted making him prone to crying whining and getting offended or picked on at times. Another trait that he seems to possess is his habit of being overlyaffectionate going so far as to be quite the touchfeely type of person hugging and kissing people upon greeting and even far into the conversation. Despite his flaws most of the other nations are usually tolerant of him. His hobbies include art drawing designing singing siestas flirting with girls remodeling German cars and cooking. The things he loves most are pasta pizza gelato fruit and cheese. He is sometimes seen humming obnoxiously skipping around and gesturing wildly when talking something that he seems to have been born with. More often than not he forgets to put his pants on after taking a siesta and runs around nude causing Switzerland to open fire on him when he runs across his border. Even though Romano will deny it Italy was mentioned to have Germanic blood in him while Romano has Arab blood. A long running joke throughout the series is that Italy is utterly useless the title of the series is even named after this lazy and weak. However it was shown in the past that Italy singlehandedly defeated Turkey then the Ottoman Empire while still just a child implying that he isnt as useless as one might think. As said by Hidekaz Himaruya he doesnt use his strength because he is too scared and too much of a coward to do so. Hidekaz Himaruya once stated that Italys ahoge was added lastminute to make him look cuter. Throughout the series it is noticeable that all of the Italians as well as Romano possess one of these curly ahoge literally foolish hair or just a hair curl. Italys nickname Itachan was given to him by Spain when he was a child which he still calls him in present times. Italy is also called Hetalia a term derived from the Japanese word hetare meaning useless and Italia on some occasions one being in the ending theme Marukaite Chikyuu in which he refers to himself as such. One can usually hear the strange sound veh escape his mouth. Hes also been noted to cry out his famous signature line PASTA randomly as well as herahera which means foolish in Japanese.