Torako Kageyama

上下山 虎子, Tora-chan
Outgoing and usually the instigator of the pack she is identifiable by the fact that she does not wear a blazer over her shirt and tie like most other characters. She likes to achieve her objectives in a straightforward manner and doesn039t really seem to mind other people039s circumstances. Because she was absent during the first few days of school she was unwittingly assigned as a member of the discipline committee. She has an older brother Kitsune whom she apparently holds in very low regard and an older sister Oniyuri. As she does not have a very good relationship with her family she often runs away from her home. Due to this reason she and Suzume missed the first few days of school as they were very far away from home on the school opening day. She039s Suzume039s childhood friend. She039s 164cm tall and her three sizes are 815582. Her name contains a kanji of tiger tora? and the first kanji letter of her name can be pronounced as 039Ue039 West thus revealing her name039s relationship with White Tiger of the West . Source: Wikipedia