Lisianthus Eustoma

リシアンサス / キキョウ, Sia, Kikyou
Birthday:Jul 30
Height: 160 cm She is one of the main characters in Navels Shuffle media franchise. She is the princess of the god world and came to the human world as a possible marriage candidate for Rin Tsuchimi. Lisianthus is the only daughter of Eustoma and Cineraria making her actually halfgod halfdevil but she only inherited the god racial characteristics of her father. Through Cineraria she is Forbesiis niece and Nerines cousin. She is also the nonbiological daughter of Iris and Liliac as Eustoma practices polygamy. Despite her fondness for her father Lisianthus has a habit of hitting him with a folding chair in a fashion similar to WWE if he embarrasses her in front of her friends. Lisianthus is named after the Eustoma russellianum or Bolero Deep Blue of what used to be known as the Lisianthus genus. In hanakotoba the Japanese language of flowers this flower has connotations of hope wish or aspiration.