XXXX introduces Cubia in a PC form. He appears after Kite defeats Skeith as a strange Twin Blade. He defeats the second Phase Innis without much trouble apparently on his own. His character has black hair wears some sort of scarf and his outfit consists of a very low shirt and some dark pants with strange symbols. It is thought that this PC is related to the figure in the Cubia core in the canon. He also has access to the Data Drain ability though it is inherent to him rather than in an item he holds. Cubia is aware of his role as Kites AntiExistence and desires Kites Bracelet so that he can free himself from a destiny which he does not want. Aura fears that if he succeeds the results will be beyond even her power to repair. Aura has stated that when she created the Bracelet Morganna created Cubia in response. Source: Wikipedia