Oda Izumi

Birthday:Aug 10
Blood Type:O
Height: 503911quot Hobbies: Traveling hot springs collecting strange things Special Skill: Can turn his eyelids inside out Favorite Food: Meat Least Favorite Food: Doesn039t really have one but would hate to get fat eating food that tastes bad Favortie Subject: Geography English Math Least Favorite Subject: Current Events Favorite Type: Neat tidy shy cute girls Other: His stomach makes loud noises Izumi Oda is a rich second year high school student and captain of the Grand Hockey Club. After Izumi039s car got hit by Hana and saw that she was okay he decided to put her on his hockey team. He blackmails her into thinking that the car wasn039t insured when it actually was. She got mad at him for tricking her and quit the club. He said for that the first time in his life somebody told him they hated him. He was sulking until his friend Takashi finally got Hana to join the club again. He is extremely protective of Hana for some reason.