Mu Dan

ムーダン, 牡丹, Enthroned Fuku Jukun, 不空就君
Race: Tensen Gender: Male/Female Prefers the Male gender Age: 1000+ Tao Attribute: Earth Occupation: Ruler of Kotaku Affiliation: Lord Tensen Mu Dan is a member of Lord Tensen as well as one of the rulers of Kotaku. Mu Dan has a cheerful yet very sadistic attitude. He is very blunt with his words and is not afraid to tell his enemies what they want because of the confidence in his own power. Mu Dan views humans as simply research material and toys that he can do whatever he wants with. He seems to get along quite well enough with the other Tensens shown as they were all having a nice conversation. However he shows no signs of pity for them no matter what. Mu Dan stated that he is a believer in functional beauty and preferres the male gender because there was nothing wasted in its composition.