Yami Bakura

闇の獏良, Tozoku Ou, King of Thieves, Thief Bakura, Spirit of the Ring, Dark Bakura
The strange dark spirit that lies inside the Millennium Ring. He searches for all the other Millennium items. Although the purpose is unknown it039s obvious that the intent is pure evil. When in full possession of Bakura039s body he is capable of invoking many magical powers of the Shadow Realm into this world. The spirit has linked itself through the Millennium Ring to Bakura and is able to return itself to Bakura even if discarded or lost. He039s the main arch enemy of Yami Yugi. He holds a 5000 year old grudge with Yami Yugi which he never reveals. Yami Bakura uses an occult deck focused around Fiends amp Zombies to unleash powerful dark magics.