Mitsuru Bando

坂東, Cyclops Hammer
Mitsuru specializes in close combat using his ultradestructive punching power as his main weapon. He is characterized as large cyclops with a long sledge hammer just like his nickname. When coupled with the speed of his AT Mitsurus punches result in damage of diabolical proportions. During the Behemoth VS Kogarasumaru challenge he fought Ikki and was thoroughly defeated. Mitsuru clearly has far more punching power but Ikki was able to beat him by playing a form of paper rock scissors. Due to the amount of muscle on Mitsurus forarms the speed of his fingers is slightly reduced which gave Ikki enough time to react to his choice accordingly. With the arrest of Akira at the hands of the Wind SWAT team Band now seeks to establish his own Storm Rider team. Mitsurus battle level is 78 during the Behemoth arc. quotWikipediaquot