Daigoro Kurigashira

Daigoro Kurigashira is a teacher at Penguin Village high school. He has a very large chestnutshaped head and usually wears a green suit and red tie. He appears in the third chapter as a news reporter on Television that Jaco is watching. Daigoro moves to Penguin Village to teach high school when Arale Akane and Peasuke entered their first year and became their teacher. Later on Tsukutsun Tsun and Obotchaman joined his class. The Gatchans and Turbo sometimes accompanied Arale in his class as well. In the Dragon Ball manga Daigoro is seen in the background with several other Penguin Village residents making the peace sign. In the Dragon Ball anime Goku asks him if he saw General Blue close by but he just nods his head. Daigoro Kurigashira is later seen in the audience of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament during the match between Yamcha and Tien Shinhan. Techniques: Headbutt of Love Daigoro often uses this technique to discipline misbehaving students. Daigoro Kurigashira is one of the few Dr. Slump characters along with ToriBot and Frankenstein to make an appearance outside of Penguin Village in Dragon Ball. Source: Dragon Ball Wikia