Misaki Ayuzawa

鮎沢 美咲, Kaichou, Misa, Devil President
Age: 16 Class: 21 Date of Birth: September 29th Horoscope: Libra Height: 165 cm Weight: 49 kg Blood Type: B Special Skill: Aikido Favorite Thing: Trying hard Misaki is the heroine of Kaichou wa Maidsama. She lives alone with her mother and her younger sister Suzuna because her father abandoned them leaving them with a huge debt. Because of her fathers actions she has a deep hatred for most boys except the gentlemanly type. She goes to Seika high school which only recently became coed. It was an allboys school only a few years ago. Because of this the student body is 80 male and 20 female. Misaki worked hard to become the student council president and protect the girls. However she has a secret. To help her mother pay off her fathers debt she has a parttime job... at a maid cafe She doesnt want anyone at school to discover her because she thinks that if they do she will lose her authority as student council president. Anime only: