フィニアン, Finny
Age: 16 Years Height: 163 cm 54 165 cm 55 Season 2 Finnian often called Finny is Phantomhive household gardener. However it seems every time he tends to the garden it is killed through an accident caused by his clumsiness and overenthusiastic pruning or not noticing that the pesticide container is leaking. In fact if left to his own devices hes stated that hed like to make the garden into the shape of a giant robot. He is portrayed as an innocent childlike character but is dubbed an idiot by Sebastian. But his combination of tears innocent looks and willful ignorance of anything that doesnt fall into his cheerful worldview makes Finny probably the most successful of the servants at wheedling favors and money out of Sebastian. He is very carefree and is almost always seen with a happy smile on his face. Source: Wikipedia