Pyocola Analogue III

ピョコラ=アナローグIII世, Piyoko

Birthday: October 23 Piyoko is eight years old. She is the Princess of planet Analogue and leader of the Black Gema Gema Gang. Her parents left her in Rik, Ky, and Coo's care until she is thirteen because they are embarrassed to show their faces when their attempt to take over planet Di Gi Charat failed. She had to flee to earth because she blew up a city and couldn't pay for repairs. Piyoko's dresses similar to that of a nurse's uniform, but in black and white colors like a panda. She ends her sentences with "pyo". She has an attack similar to Dejiko's Laser Eye Beam called Upchuck Bazooka which is a beam that comes from her mouth, but whenever she attempts to attack Dejiko with it, she more often than not gets attacked herself. Piyoko makes a brief cameo in Episode 2 of Cromartie High School as a teenage version of herself.