Midoriko Hoshiyama

星山翠子, ほしやま みどりこ, ツェリスカ, Zeliska, Uncrowned Queen, 無冠の女王
Birthday:May 6
She is a very skilled Gun Gale Online player yet is very mysterious in her nature. Despite being known by many GGO players for her high skill she does not appear on any Ranking Leaderboards leading other players to refer to her as the Uncrowned Queen Mukan no Jo. Midorikos avatar Zeliska has red eyes white hair that rests on her left shoulder a small mole below her left eye and a single earring on her left ear. Her outfit is prominently in royal purple featuring white patterns. Her belt is accompanied by two pouches on the right side of her hip. Her canon choice of weaponry is an optical shotgun called Peacock as her primary as well as an MG Karymsky that resembles a real life PKM Kalashnikovs Machinegun Modernized as her secondary. Zeliska is a mysterious character who is not very revealing about herself but is very frank when talking about others. She does not avoid being honest and direct in a conversation if she believes that to be the right thing to do. This also correlates with her mature and supportive attitude towards the people she cares about. She has a very tranquil and focused personality and rarely loses her calm even in the gravest situations. Zeliska also cares deeply about Daisy her Afasys Unit and never lets her near dangerous situations in fear of getting Daisy hurt. Zeliska is very selfconscious about the style of her outfits and tends to dress Daisy in cute outfits that she believes she would not be comfortable in herself. Source: swordartonline.fandom.com