Houji Sadojima

佐渡島 方治, Houji of the Hundred Senses
Houji is Shishios minion and aside from Yumi and Soujirou he is closest to him. He used to be an official in the Meiji government but lost faith in it when he saw no one in the government worthy of controlling the country. He abandoned his position in the government and eventually met Shishio. Houji too envisions Japan as a mighty power led by Shishio ruling with the principles of basic animal survival. Houji is indeed unique although he is not proficient in any fighting style he is a cunning organizer and possesses frightening leadership qualities. His skills as a staff officer figure are quite amazing he even manages to purchase Rengokuthe gigantic ship which gets destroyed by Sanosuke Kenshin and Saitoon the black market. Houji was baptized by Shishios intense body heat to kindle in him a belief in hell. Houji strongly believes in Shishios strength as he throws away a gun he had hidden after learning of Shishios fifteen minute limit. He is in utter disbelief when Shishio is finally defeated by Kenshin and then attempts to destroy the complex the fight took place so that if Kenshin died there would be no victor thus Shishio would never have been beaten. As the complex collapses Houji was saved by Anji and Soujirou. Anji convinces Houji to surrender himself to the police and Houji agreed with the intent of using the criminal courts to project Shishios ideals and plans. At the end of the Shishio arc it was revealed that Houji committed suicide in prison after government officials decided that his voice was too dangerous and refused to grant him a trial. After slitting his throat he wrote a message on the wall with his own blood: This world is dead to me now. I go to follow my master to hell. The message was directed at the Meiji government to convey Houjis disgust with the regime and his loyalty to Shishio. He is last shown in Hell with Shishio and Yumi vowing to follow Shishio when he declares that he will conquer Hell. Source: Wikipedia