Genzou Wakabayashi

若林源三, Genzo, Super Great Goal Keeper, Thomas Price
Genzo Wakabayashi is an extraordinary goalkeeper who can catch almost anything thrown at him. Not many shots can come past Genzo. A charismatic guy Genzo is also loyal to his friends and he is firm with his decisions. Genzo always keeps his feelings to himself and people close to him as seen in Shin Captain Tsubasa when he039s willingly criticize his teammates039 performance in order to make them realize that football in Europe is different than what they play in Japan. His actions caused a lot of Japanese players to dislike him and Genzo only told Tsubasa his true intentions. From early childhood he has aimed to be the best goalkeeper in the world. He tended to be selfish and brag about his skills before he met and played a couple of games against Tsubasa. After his match against Tsubasa he has learned to enjoy the game with his other teammates. Source: Wikipedia