Breed: Akita inu / Kishu mix Yukimura is the brother of Weed and Joe. When his mother Sakura got to sick to feed the three of them the dog Sakachi took in Yukimura and Joe as his own sons. In the care of Sakachi they move to the South of Japan. Here Yukimura and his brother Joe was attacked by monkeys. The stole Joe and wounded Yukimura in the head. When Sakachi tried to protect Yukimura he was hurted badly and lost the movement in his lower body. Yukimura never forgot this tragedy and swore to get revenge. He helps Weed fight Shougun after talking to Sakachi about it. During the fight he takes the leader of the rebellion group Gosarursquos scythe and slices Shougun on the back. When Yukimura tries to save GB Shougun attacks him and penetrates his body with a sharp branch. He is then taken to safety by Jerome. However he asks Jerome to carry him to a high spot. From here he throws himself out and kills Shougun with a high speed attack from high above. Yukimura himself dies shortly after from his wounds.