Ryuji Ayukawa

鮎川龍二, Yuka-chan, ユカちゃん
Official Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/ryujiayukawa/ Age: 1718 Height: 59 175cm Birthday: October 18th Yatoras classmate and fellow art club member they are responsible for inviting Yatora to the art club. Yuka has a talent for modern street fashion. They are closest to their grandmother who is the reason why they decided to pursue Japanese Art. Yuka will often put on a bright demeanor in front of themselves and when placed in stressful situations they are often brash and impulsive. Yukas mother and father both disapprove of their identity and lifestyle. Its shown that they dont have a very happy home life and can only find solace in the company of their Grandmother who is accepting of them and their aspirations. It is implied that they often go out at night to get away from home and that their parents suspect them of trading dates with men for money. Prefers to be called Yuka as they choose not to go by the name Ayu since their idol is actress Ayumi Hamasaki. Yuka is known to often crossdress and test gendered standards of clothing. Source: Blue Period Wiki