Birthday:Jul 4
Blood Type:A
Height: 188.2 cm Manga Intro: Chapter 65 Anime Intro: Naruto Episode 39 Quote: But a blade of the wind cannot be stopped by anyone. Baki is one of the strongest Sand Jonin in the Sand village. He is an important member of the Sunagakures advisory council and is probably the secondincommand after the Kazekage and is respected throughout the whole village. He is also probably the Fourth Kazekages most trusted Jonin as he was in charge of the invasion in to Konoha and the team leader of Team Baki which consists of GaaraTemari and Kankuro the Fourth Kazekage s children. It is speculated that he is very strong considering that he was the teacher of Gaara who later became the Fifth Kazekage who is probably in Part 1 and 2 the strongest and most dangerous ninja in the Sand Village. Baki is a loyal kind and respected ninja. With his experience in battle he holds a lot of confidence. He has a soldier personality a patriot. A caring and kind person but if anything comes in his village or countrys way or his loved ones he will do anything to stop it. During the Chuunin exam he had confidence in the ability of all of his team members although he comments on Kankuro not taking the battles seriously enough. He also worries frequently about Gaaras mental stability and his control over Shukaku.