Nagaru Hoshijiro

The eccentric student council president of AntiMagic Academy and had secretly aspired to become the next head of the Inquisition. She is the second leader of the Heretic Alliance. Nagaru is an extremely relaxed person who was generally amiable to everyone around her. This was because of her mental defect that made it impossible for her to feel sadness and hatred. While this made it hard for her to truly empathize with others this personality however led to some unexpected leadership skills that mostly came from her attitude that eased the tension of certain moments and how she was able to have people cooperate despite circumstances. However she was more infamously known in her academy days as sloppy negligent and her inability to empathize properly made her words sound hateful. She ironically acted like a big sister even with her extremely short stature and general tone of voice. Source: Taimadou Gakuen 35 Wiki