Kyocho Chuukou

許楮 仲庚/季衣 (きい), Kii

Anime version A small, young girl with great strength and a large appetite, often winning in eating contests. She wields a Flail, with a handle resembling a kendama chained to a huge iron ball with spikes. She hates being called small as she will go into Furious Rage if anyone calls her that. Visual Novel Version A young girl with pink hair who is a commander of the Gi kingdom. She is the only subordinate that Sōsō does not tease. In the first game when captured by the Shoku empire, she almost instantly takes a liking to Kazuto and calls him 'Onii-chan', much to Rinrin's chagrin. She has a similar attitude towads him in the sequel Shin Koihime Musō when he becomes Sōsō's advisor. (