白凶, White Curse
He is Hydrates righthand man and a member of the Reverse Maruhage Empire. Byakkyo is a man with red hair and a seemingly emotionless face. He wears a white surgeons outfit with three orbs aligned vertically down his coat. Under a first impression Byakkyo behaves like an emotionless sadist whose loyalties lie with Hydrate. However this personality is just a ruse he lives solely to cut people open and his face goes from calm and serious to insanely excited with his tongue hanging out. 15 years ago prior to the plot Byakkyo earned the nickname Byakky the Catharsis Slaughterer a title given to him for the annihilation of the warriors of the Holy Land of Babylon when he was a young child. However he did not go unpunished and was thrown into the Dark World for his crimes.