Rin Tsuchimi

Height: 170cm Weight: 55kg Rin Tsuchimi is a seventeen yearold high school student and the male protagonist in the series. In the game Rin is the role that the player assumes. As noted by Kaede Rins main virtue is his kindness. This is both his greatest strength as the girls love him because of this and his greatest weakness as shown later in the series by his indecisiveness and goal to make everyone happy which usually ends up hurting them instead. Rin tends to show minimal initiative when dealing with the girls around him mostly because of the abuse he receives by fellow male classmates over his perceived relationship with his childhood friend Kaede. However he starts to spend more and more time with both Lisianthus Sia and Nerine after they arrive and starts to develop feelings for them. With regards to Kaede he thinks of her as a childhood friend only. When people comment that he and Kaede would make a good couple Rin either waves it off or says that it is strange to think of it that way. This distance kept between them is caused in part by Kaede and Rins dark past. Source: Wikipedia