Larten Crepsley

Name: Larten Crepsley Age: Around 200 Date of Birth: Sometimes in the 1800s Race: Vampire Title: Vampire General previous almost Vampire Prince Throughout the series several facts about Mr. Crepsley039s past are revealed. He was born the fifth child in a poor family in the 1800s and went to work at the age of eight. He never learned to read or write but can recognize numbers certain words sign his name and read maps quotquite accuratelyquot. Although his reason is never revealed he became Seba Nile039s apprentice during his late teen years between 17 and 20. At first he was irritated by the customs of vampires having called the vampire generals quotbackwards imbecilesquot and thought that they should be moving towards the future rather than wallow in the past but adapted soon enough. He learned to manipulate spiders from Seba and eventually possibly on Seba039s recommendation found his way to the Cirque du Freak. After years with the Cirque he left to journey to Vampire Mountain. During his time there he won the respect of his peers and quickly became a Vampire General. Years later they nominated him for the Vampire Prince. Only months from joining the Princes Larten gave up the title of General and rejoined the Cirque.