ナナシ, Chief of Luberia

Nanashi is one of the more mysterious characters in MÄR. He was found lying alone in the middle of nowhere with a nasty wound to his stomach by Galian. After he was revived by him and taken to the bandit village of Luberia, it was revealed that he has no memory of his past or even his name, and thus Galian named him Nanashi, or "nameless." Galian would later betray Nanashi, joining the Chess Pieces and leaving him in charge of Luberia after erasing his memory of him. Nanashi's main goal is to track down the Chess Piece responsible for wiping out Luberia (Peta) and avenge his slain allies. Like Ginta, he has the scent and incredible strength of someone who came to MÄR-Heaven from another world. Early on, Dorothy noticed that he had great physical strength, just like Ginta. Nanashi uses lightning ÄRM.