Dong Feng

Height: 6039 183cm Weight: 154lbs. 70kg Blood Type: AB Birthday: 2/27 A chinese exorcist who uses powerful transformational symbol magic and works for the continental Mafia Xu Fu. It seems he was put in charge of keeping an eye on Shito whom he considers to be a quotperfect monsterquot yet quotdisgustingly beautiful.quot He abuses Shito physically and mentally through his symbol magic at times. He has reasonable sources and are always a bit ahead of ZLoan. His position of taking care of Shito and working for Xu Fu has been passed down for generations. He is mentioned to have a wife. His true name is quotDong Fengquot while the term quotTouhouquot is a title passed down from generation to generation to powerful exorcists which Shito explains in the ninth volume of the manga.