While he was still alive he was part of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. Ten years before the start of the series when six of the members tried a coup d039etat he alongside Asuma Sarutobi Chiriku Nauma Tu and Seito fought against them only to be killed by Kazuma when Kitane and the three other lightning users tried to use Limelight on Kazuma. He along with Nauma Tu and Seito were known as the greatest lightningchakra masters of their time. Like Asuma his battle style revolved around combining superb taijutsu skill with his elemental affinity through a unique weapon. He used a threeparted metal staff to fight with that is also able to conduct his lightning based attacks. Kitane could send lightning through the ground to attack by striking his staff into the ground. When separating his staff into three pieces he can use his jutsu Lightning Release: Thunder Binding to form a barrier around a target. When in one of the four cardinal directions he along with Nauma Tu and Seito could use a jutsu called Limelight to destroy everything within that area to ash.