Hanto Uchida

A police detective.

Accosted and subjugated by a trio of thugs one night, he makes the life decision to wield his level 3 telekinesis against the criminals that he sees while on his nocturnal patrol as Masked Justice. The question of why he has not joined B.A.B.E.L. as a Special Esper set aside for the moment, Uchida behaves an intense hatred for society as he telekinetically precludes the trachea of his quarry and generally gets carried away with his powers (though not to the extent Kaoru does). Uchida's downfall comes when he isolates and abducts Shiho when she psychometrically discovers his secret, prompting a fierce telekinetic sequence from Kaoru of forcibly decelerating his car and twice knocking him down to be later apprehended.

(Source: Wikipedia)