Rin Tsubokura

壷府 リン
Rin Tsubokura Tsubokura Rin is a Shinigami who bears a strong resemblance to the 7th Seat of the 4th Division Hanatar Yamada he is almost always showing a face of distress or preocupation he has oddly a small pigtail done in his front side of his hair. He is a researcher of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute and has a fondness for candy and sweets. He is a bit clumsy as shown in a shinigami golden cup where he fell on the sweets but they where unbreakable. During one episode which he has to help an earthbound soul to make a cake for his mother he immediately offered his help apart from protests from Yumichika Ayasegawa. He was confirmed male in the Colorful Bootleg book though is referred to as female in all of Viz039s English translations. His love of candy and sweets causes a great deal of trouble in the DS game Dark Souls which leads up to a Mod Soul named 039Kai039 taking his form. He is mostly sent to easy missions just like when he was sent to give Ikkaku his molars though he stepped on them then put on a note saying: quotThese molars are invisible for Idiotsquot. Taken from Bleach Wiki