Gorobei Katayama


A skilled samurai who has made his living by entertaining people. Because of his skill in battle and acrobatic ability (among them the ability to pull arrows out of the air and dodge other attacks) Kambei makes him his "left hand man" in defending the village. Gorobei is one of the more lighthearted characters found in the anime, often making light of rather serious or dangerous situations. He admits at one point to believe that dying is losing and living is winning. Gorobei seems to have a bloodletting fetish of some sort, based on his reaction in two of the episodes.

During the final skirmish, the bandit leader fired his gun at a weakened Kambei, but Gorobei intercepts the bullet with his sword. Unfortunately, the bullet detonates an instant later, mortally wounding him. Kambei blames himself for what just happened, saying he has "stolen his life", after which Gorobei dies a moment later. Later on, just before the final battle with Ukyo, a vision of Gorobei appears to Katsushiro, who gives him advice to shake him out of his depression.

(Source: Wikipedia)