Sorai Dayu

Sorai is 16 years old. She is closed to her self, unsocial and has some well kept secrets.

Actually Sorai is a boy who is haunted by his past. He lived in Nagoya, and because he looks like a girl, he was bullied by his schoolmates. One day he said "I'll curse you" and later one of the boys who bullied him died. Since then he was called "the Witch of Nagoya". The boys whose friend died threw Sorai in a river and there he nearly drowned. He was saved by an unknown person and was sent to a hospital. When his parents wanted to visit him they got stuck in an elevator with Sorai's elder sister and died there. Since then he lives in Tokyo with his aunt. He had an elder sister named Sora. Sorai also appears as a little boy, who is trying to help everyone he meets.