Agito Wanijima

鰐島咢, Akito, Lind, Fang King, Shark, Little Shark
Akito Wanijima and Agito Wanijima are two personalities that make up the Fang King of the Bloody Road. They are originally part of the Wind SWAT team in which they are treated like a tool by their older brother Kaito. Ikki eventually saves them and they join Kogarasumaru. They switch who is in control by using an eye patch. Akito is innocent and nonviolent. He becomes attracted to Ikki much to Ikkis discontent and often tries to kiss bathe and sleep next to or with Ikki. He states he was the original Fang King until he became disgusted with himself and became unable to use AT. Agito then appears and starts using ATs while following his own violent and bloodthirsty nature. He tends to swear a lot and uses four hooks dangling from straps on his legs to battle and tear people apart. When equipped with the Fang Regalia he releases a pressurized Fang through the instantaneous acceleration and braking of the ATs wheel motors vacuuming and compressing air into a piercing shock wave. As the manga develops Agito grows to respect Ikki and his strength. In some scenes in the manga Agito is shown to be very weak while sleeping so much that the guys put him in some very humorous scenes because of his weakness. It is also learned that Akito had been acting as Agitos tuner up until now. However he wasnt able to fully hear his own biorhythm only allowing him to keep his other halfs AT and Regalia barely operational. Because roughly 76 of the Fang Regalia was not operational Agito had difficulty with fully utilizing his Fangs. It isnt until Yayoi tunes him that the Fang Regalia is fully operational and complete. Akito is very affectionate to Ikki as well as Agito to respect his way of doing things. In the manga it is showed that Agito has some sort of affection towards Nakayama as he tells her to protect herself or not which means she should protect herself and not counting on him or others all the time. Another personality Lind Wanijima Wanijima Rindo? emerges during the battle with Orca. She claims to be the original personality and she is much stronger than the other two utilizing the Fang Regalia on a different level. She is a brain charger or a person who has been charged with the ability of gravity children. Linds eyes have crosses on them similar to those of gravity children but her eyes have two crosses with one set at a 45 degree angle and overlayed over the other. She does not care for others. It is unknown if she has any feelings at all towards anyone including Akito and Agito Wanijima though she has displayed more human compassion towards the thenincapacitated Yayoi Nakayama. She kissed him in chapter 194 while battling Orca underwater to give him her air so that he could continue battling. It is revealed by Thor of Slepinir that Lind found the original sky king with the answer. =Tricks= AGITO Ride fall Bloody roll soul 1800: Backward Cross Ridefall Upper Fang: TWINCAM: A surprise tagteam attack using AGITO Bloody fang Ride fall Leviathan: AGITO Bloody Blade Fang: Bloody Road gtSaucer Crushlt: AGITO amp AKITO KAZU Grand Fang Fire Bird: Source: Wikipedia