スウェーデン, ベールヴァルド・オキセンスシェルナ, スさん, スヴィ, Berwald Oxenstierna, Su-san, Svi
Birthday:Jun 6
Age:21 (appearance)
Nations name: Konungariket Sverige Kingdom of Sweden Capital: Stockholm Language: Swedish National flower: Linnea Height: 182cm 60 A neutral country and exViking that was once nicknamed The Conqueror of the Baltic Sea and The Lion of Northern Europe. In the first episode of the anime adaptation he made a brief cameo appearance in which he was shown with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. When he made his official debut in Hetalia World Series his hair was changed to being blonde and his eyes were changed to blue. Back when they were under the rule of Denmark Sweden and Finland ran away and began living together. Finland was later overpowered by Russia and was under his control he claimed to be freer when living in Russias house but didnt have as much fun as he did with Sweden. Swedens adopted son is Sealand whom he bought from an online auction. He also has partial custody of Latvia and Estonia which came to be after he and Finland ran away from Denmark. He doesnt talk much and seems very mysterious and scary due to his intimidating appearance. It was said that he came to be that way because he was born in a cold place. However hes rather serious honest playful and kind underneath all this. Surprisingly his hobbies include debating making furniture art glass crafts making a huge amount of Surstrmming which was said to be able to be used as a lethal weapon and putting most of his effort into the welfare of his citizens. It is also to note that he speaks in a Tohoku dialect. Finland calls him Susan for short and Iceland calls him Svi.