オニギリ, Nigiri Pig
Team: Kogarasumaru Road: Smell Road One of Ikki039s childhood friends Onigiri Onigiri? is also part of Kogarasumaru. His head is in the shape of an onigiri. Onigiri is a pervert and characterized as a pig. He has an unusual way of using his perspiration usually during overall perverted moments to create illusions. He also has a strange way of using his AT by sitting upside down on it to the chagrin of his female schoolmates whose skirts he tends to look up while doing this. This way of riding proved to be very dangerous for both Onigiri and his opponent as he flails his legs back and forthdoing damage if he039s close enough but can also fall off landing directly on the point of his head and streaking on the ground until he stops this however is never shown only an image of an actual onigiri in said position. He is in the same class as Ikki and follows the quotSmell Road.quot the authenticity of this road is arguable since one can039t really tell if this was just another one of OhGreat039s jokes. However stated by Akito/Agito in Kyoto there are quothundredsquot of roads. But out of those only 8 roads can be called Road of King. He can also go as fast or possibly faster for short spurts than Ringo when the right motivation is present. At chapter 171 Onigiri is seen trainning with his friends in order to get stronger than before most of his techniques have the ability to affect the enemy039s senses create illusions. On many chapters he039s seen as an upside down buddha with supernatural powers. Source: Wikipedia