Thundercracker was one of the first Decepticons to awaken on Earth in 1984. After laying dormant for four million years he shared the same Earthen appearance as Starscream and Skywarp and is usually allied with them during attacks. Despite being one of the original Decepticons and appearing in many battles during 1984 and 1985 Thundercracker had few prominent roles. Often chafing under Starscreams selfimportance and gloryseeking he seemed to dislike Starscream and exploited reasons to undermine his authority such as letting the Autobot Skyfire destroy one of their secret weapons merely so Starscream would get the blame. In the year 2005 Thundercracker was present during the battle for Autobot City and was gunned down by Optimus Prime. With the subsequent defeat of their leader Megatron the Decepticons were forced to retreat. However there were too many Decepticons aboard Astrotrain who served as an impromptu escape vehicle and Thundercracker was among those few Decepticons too weakened to put up a fight to stay on board. Being cast out into space the damaged Decepticons drifted into the path of Unicron and Thundercrackers body was used to create Scourge one of Galvatrons new warriors. In the season 3 episode Starscreams Ghost Thundercracker appears to have a graveor at least a commemorative markerin the Decepticon crypt. Source: Wikipedia