Breed: Wolf Fuuga is the father of Retsuga. He leaves Reima's pack in protest as he does not believe that killing humans is right. The teacher of Reima's soldiers, Noroi, then stamps him as an outlaw and sends his subordinates out to kill him. Even though Fuuga is a strong male, exhaustion eventually caught up with him and he got pinned in a corner by Noroi's minions. Suddenly, Riki - the leader of Ou, appears and saves Fuuga from death. As a reward, Fuuga taught Riki his Zetsu warrior attack, the Zetsu tenrou battouga. Fuuga fights his own son over an argument which is quickly settled by Reima. He then follows Gin’s group into the Underworld. When Juga fights Gin and nearly kills him, Fuuga leaps at Juga. He sacrifices himself to save Gin, as Fuuga believes in an old myth that states that there can only be one living warrior of the Zetsu tenrou battouga. He therefore commits suicide and is killed by Juga to resurrect Gin. (GingaSite.net)