Breed: Saluki / Great Dane mix George is the son of Ben and Cross. He has two siblings: Ken and Miney. George left Ou together with Miney as they became adults, but Miney got caught in the middle of a river, and George could only stand and watch as Miney was drowned by the streaming water. Afterwords, George headed back to Ou where he saves his mother from some intruders who attacked her. He then joins his brother Ken and the Kai-ken, Kagetora in the battle against Hougen. As they search for Weed, they meet Kagetora's father, Kurotora, and his sons. They travel a bit together, but after Kagetora tells Kurotora of Hougen, they decide to split up. George’s group search for Weed and find him fighting with the Shikoku-ken, Tesshin. Afterwords, they heard out together with Weed to find more dogs. In the final battle against Hougen, George tries to protect his parents by attacking Hougen. He doesn’t succeed and gets badly wounded. When Hougen falls into a river with Reika, George remember how his dear sister, Miney died. He overcomes his fear for water and without thinking of himself or his wounds, he jumps into the river and saves her life. George stays a part of Weed's pack after the death of Hougen. (source: