Issha Mihotoke

御仏一茶, Fats Buccha
Team: Kogarasumaru Former Team: Night King Known as Buccha to his friends and teammates Issa Mihotoke Mihotoke Issa is a level E AT user who uses his immense strength as his weapon. Before he became part of Kogarasumaru he was the leader of the team Night King Yaou which was broken up after Buccha lost a Parts War with Ikki. Buccha is often characterized as a tank. He attends Higachu Junior High School. He appears to be obese but his body is only ten percent fat. His size is actually caused by a large amount of blood pooling in his gut from overeating. He also has the ability to manipulate that blood and send it to his muscles causing him to temporarily have a slimmer cut figure and even cause his limbs to become longer. He also has a semisplit personality similar to that of Akito/Agito. When not in a fight is simply cares for food and relaxing. But when the topic of battle comes up his other half takes hold and he becomes a devastating killing machine. He can also dance. He uses brass knucklesesque gloves in combat which combined with his superhuman strength is truly devastating his character design is based on the wrestler Abdullah the butcher note the three lines on his forehead and his nickname Buccha. Source: Wikipedia