Ziggy, Jan Sauer
98 years prior a soldier named Jan Sauer died when he committed suicide after the deaths of his wife and stepson at the hands of a terrorist. However because of the Life Recycling Act his body was reconfigured into a cyborg by Ziggurat Industries and was given the official title of Ziggurat8. Like Realians Ziggurat8 had little in human rights since he wasnt considered human himself and had suffered some of the discrimination that both cyborgs and Realians had to endure. His latest mission for the Galaxy Federation was to retrieve the 100series observational Realian prototype MOMO from the clutches of UTIC. However once he did MOMO told him that she didnt like the designation he had and nicknamed him Ziggy which stuck. Ziggy then took MOMO away to the Elsa Van Brabant where they hoped to head to Second Militia without incident. That is until the Elsa had encountered KOSMOS who was floating in space after the Woglinde attack. After persuading Captain Matthews to take in the survivors Allen Ridgley Lt. Louis Virgil and Shion Uzuki Ziggy decided to take on KOSMOS seeing her and her friends as threats to the mission. After a brief battle which was broken up by MOMO and Shion Ziggy learned of the groups travails... and had taken them up as his friends ndash something the cyborg had little of. source: Absolute Anime