Like many reporters, Sybel is always in search of "the BIG story". That was all she cared about. Although she is married, she threw her husband out, mostly because she wanted to concentrate more on her work. Occasionally, she would work with her fellow reporter Richard Leakey, mostly because he usually buys some of the stuff she records. However, this time Sybel may have bitten off more that she can chew when she got word of a top-secret military accident. It turned out that two powerful M-66 personal combat mechas were hijacked, and the carrier they were transported in had crashed. Somehow, the mechas had activated themselves and were now running amok in the forest. They had already killed two hikers and a bear when the military had intercepted them. Then the two M-66 mechas had killed or wounded half the platoon, most of it when they initially engaged the mechas, but also because the male model had self-destructed when it was captured, spreading explosive sub-munitions and poison gas into the group. But the real terror was yet to come. It turned out that the mechas were still loaded with the test program... one that had Ferris Mathew, the creator's granddaughter, as the target! After she and Leakey got away from the military (they got captured and Sybel was nearly drugged), Sybel found this fact out when she found Professor Mathew's home, which was trashed by the female mecha. Now she has to find Ferris and keep her away from the M-66... or they're both dead! (source: Absolute Anime)