Akiko Oohashi

Akko, Aki

Name: Akiko Oohashi Birthday: August 22nd Star sign: Leo Blood type: B Height: 158cm (5'2") Weight: 45kg (99lbs) Hobby: makeup What she wants the most: Mari's heart (taken from the character profiles in vol.05) Akko is not far away from being the image of the "typical teenage girl". She loves shopping, goes to mixers, and enjoys hanging out with her friends immensely. She is a little on the wild side (as compared to quiet girls like Mariko), though she mostly just enjoys having a good time. She develops a strange fascination with Mari and eventually befriends the quieter girl, much to Mari's surprise. Her charisma and honest, forthright nature captivates those around her, and she easily makes friends, as Mari observes. Akko is very concerned about her appearance, as she goes through great lengths to keep her outward appearance in check and to make sure she has a desirable reputation as well. She likes Mari's looks because she finds the other girl to be a natural beauty who doesn't need make-up or accessories to be cute. She has wavy, unruly hair in reality, but straightens it out. She thinks she has unattractive fingernails as well. Akko's friends think that she is not a virgin, but she is too embarrassed to say otherwise. She also keeps it a secret that she flat-irons her hair. Akko is not afraid to show the world her nature or her personality. She is not book smart, and usually fails her exams, which leads people into thinking she's stupid, but with Mari's help, Akko manages to pass her exams just by the bare minimum. Throughout their time together, Akko reveals that her self confidence and playfulness is part of her armour. She has an estranged mother and they have a distant relationship. Akko claims that she does not have a father but does not seem to be jaded by this at all. Because of having a lonely home life, Akko has grown independent and self-reliant, and so never really needed anyone. Until she meets Mari that is, and she becomes deeply and emotionally attached to the other girl. Akko does not realise what her feelings for Mari mean. She is not taken aback after her first drunken kiss with Mari, as Akko kisses other girls too for fun. But when she thinks about it and as Mari gets a boyfriend, Akko comes to understand that she is feeling jealousy. After a muddled indirect confession from Mari, Akko starts pondering what exactly is the relationship she has with her best friend. It even gets to the point that she cannot stop thinking about the kisses shared between herself and Mari, and she learns that they are not like any other kisses she has ever had before. However, she spends a lot of time denying her emotions. It eventually hits her she may not love Mari just as a girl friend, but something more.

Akko comes to realise that she is head over heels in love with Mari. She kisses Mari in a karaoke bar and assumes that they are a couple from that moment on, but Mari's estranged behaviour at school and on their class trip forces Akko to see that Mari has not accepted her reciprocated love. After clearing up the misunderstanding, the two agree to become lovers, much to Akko's happiness. She continues to meet Mari on the train station at mornings to go to school but not just as best friends-- as girlfriends, this time. Akko proves to be flirty around Mari and teases Mari often about fooling around, but ultimately, she is still unsure and shy about discussing physical intimacy with other people (she seems to have no problem with speaking about it to Mari though). As Mari's girlfriend, Akko becomes a little protective of her.