Raigyo Tsunomata

Raigyo recently returned to the ship quotZanbaniquot after a two year journey wandering the world as a photographer and a vagrant. During his twoyear journey he had carried his possessions upon his back covered with a sheet giving him an almost turtlelike appearance. Like Akiyuki he is also imbued with a Xamd hiruko which might be best described as an endosymbiont Hiruko being Japanese for quotleech childquot. Raigyo once owned and wore the change of clothing that was given to Akiyuki to wear shortly after Akiyuki regained consciousness aboard the Zanbani. Unlike Akiyuki Raigyo appears to have greater control over his ability to change between human and Xamd form and thus seems to have a better relationship with his own hiruko. He also seems to have enough control that he can prevent himself from turning to stone a common sideaffect that occurs in people imbued with hiruko. This is because both hiruko and humanform weapons are susceptible to turning into stone for some currently unknown reason. His hiruko resided within his left shoulder. His Xamd powers seem to be related with water as water covers his body during his transformation which gives him the ability to swim fast and create water blades sharp enough to easily cut a humanform in two. His Xamd form also has amphibian characteristics like webbed hands. Source: Wikipedia